LDM Counselling

Areas of Practice

My current focus is parent coaching and couple therapy.  
Parent Coaching
An eternal optimist, I staunchly believe that parents have a great deal of wisdom to bring to the counselling process. I am passionate about getting parents back in the “driver’s seat” and helping them manage their child’s behavioural issues. Together, we will co-create the goals for treatment, and I will work with you to leverage off of your existing parenting strengths. With this parent coaching approach, the young person does not need to attend sessions. My treatment is informed by the attachment and neuroscience work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Dr. Daniel Siegel, respectively. 

Contact me if you are struggling to address concerns in your relationship with your child such as: 

  • dominance
  • resistance/non-compliance
  • aggression 
  • sibling conflict
  • school avoidance
  • anxiety/depression
  • sensitivity/reactivity
  • low self-esteem.
Couple Therapy
The type of therapy I provide for my couple’s work is called EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). This is a research backed, non-blaming form of couples therapy. EFT is very helpful when couples find themselves disconnected or stuck in the same negative patterns of communication. Before seeking therapy, couples often report they are having the same argument time and again. EFT provides a roadmap out of this negative pattern and towards a more secure attachment and connection with your partner. 
Parent Coaching
Couple Therapy