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Hi, I'm Lois McCormack, the counsellor, wife and mom behind LDM Counselling. I am passionate about working with couples and parents. I work with distressed couples experiencing a lack of closeness, chronic disagreements and conflict. Couples locked into rigid communication patterns preventing them from resolving arguments. Partners who feel misunderstood, blamed or lonely in their relationship.

I frequently treat parents who feel polarized in their approaches with their children, or caught in a “good guy/bad guy” dynamic. Parents often say they feel they lack influence, “walk on eggshells” or can’t get the kids to listen. I address these concerns with an approach that empowers parents with a strong attachment focus.

Areas of Practice

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Together, we will co-create the goals for treatment, and I will work with you to leverage off of your existing parenting strengths.

Couple's Therapy

Couples Therapy

 The type of therapy I provide for my couple’s work is called EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy).  This is a research backed, non-blaming form of couples therapy.